Sunday, September 03, 2006

So these mofos just hate EVERYBODY, huh?

Do Klansmen have nothing better to do? These mofos need a hobby. Or a woman. Or something better to do. I mean, damn. This story tripped me out. They hate blacks, jews, gays, Latinos and immigrants.

Somebody need to tell their sorry asses to pick up a damn history book. Fools act like they were the first one's up in this piece.


don alberto said...

First of all Drew, thanks for holding me down against ND! As for these CLOWNS, it's really hard to have any words! What's really hard to believe is that this totally ignorant way of living is actually taken in by a number of Americans. Let's just put it simple, if you are a racist, or prejudicial due to race, origin, or skin type, you are really handicaping your own life! And if you are doing that how really dumb are you???

James Burnett said...

Bottom line: these fools are scared.