Friday, September 08, 2006

A negro, not a greek

In recently talking to a cool cat I just met, he asked me: "What are you?"

"A writer."

"No, brotha, you a Kappa?"

"Naw, bro."

"So you an Alpha, then."


"So what are you?"


"You didn't pledge?" he said, stunned.

"Naw, bro."

"Oh, so you're independent???"


The conversation ended soon after that.

My boy JB once said that the black greek system was one of the worst things to ever happen to black people.

I agree.


James Burnett said...

Hey, I'll say it again. Only thing I've seen that system do for young black folks in college is cause some of us to act elitist toward other of us. I've seen it fragment us in a way that no people who look alike should be fragmented.

Not saying no good has ever come out of the Greek Alphabet Soup system, but I haven't seen much good.

That's my word. And I'll take all challengers.

Thanks for the link, Drew.

Shark-fu said...

Mmmhmmm...this sister didn't pledge and has never regretted it.

Thanks for linking...

J said...

never pledged...i don't need to pay for friends.



Anonymous said...

I'm not familiar with this as a cracka, but my supervisor is an older black man (work for the army) and he has a some kind of greek license plate frame... some kind of black fraternity....

i was like, whatever!