Sunday, September 17, 2006

No longer his boo

We all thought Whitney and Bobby would be one of those ultra-ghetto couples. Yall know what I'm talking about: One of those couples that, despite being ghetto as all get out, somehow manage to stay together. Ultra-ghetto couples have a pattern: They argue, fight, call the police, separate, get back together, fuck, then proclaim to the world they are in love. Then, a few weeks later, they do it all over again.

Ultra-Ghetto couples have 911 on speed dial. Ultra-ghetto couples usually have everybody and they mamma up in their business, calling relatives and uncles and great nephews with their problems. They don't realize that most people drawn into the Ultra-Ghetto Couple universe are laughing at them and taking bets on how long they'd stay together.

I'm geeked that Whitney dumped his sorry ass. Maybe now she can get off the crack and go back to being the performer she used to be. Yeah, I'm a Whitney Houston fan. Or, I used to be. She was the shit back in the day, back before she decided she just had to have a bad boy, back before the weed be talking to her and she decided that crack was "wack."

It was actually Jemele who convinced me that Whitney and Bobby were an Ultra-Ghetto couple. I had been waiting for a break-up for years when Jemele pointed out that it probably wasn't going to happen. I had come to the painful realization that she was probably right, and the chances that I'd get my girl Whitney back were slim. Jemele is apparently mourning this break up on her blog. I will agree with her on one thing: Whitney and Bobby were entertaining, in a train-wreck-sort-of-way.

But now, hell, I guess anything is possible. But I guess it depends on whether Whitney is too far gone on the drugs to get her shit together and make a somewhat decent comeback.

I hope that rehab be talking to her.


J said...

i actually think bobby has gotten a bad rap in this.

i think the weed was talking to whitney before she got with bobby. but bobby just advanced her a bit, making the crack talk to her, instead.

and as evidenced by their reality show, bobby is easily the more likable person of the ghetto duo.

i'm just upset at their breakup for selfish reasons.

who else will have that much money and be THAT GHETTO?

Anonymous said...

My ex-girlfriend's parents lived in Whitney's so very tony neighborhood in northern New Jersey and I saw their house once.... Damn!

I did not see this divorce coming. I thought for sure crazy is as crazy does and that they were perfect for each other.....