Sunday, September 03, 2006

"New South" my ass

Atlanta - So I'm in the ATL for a long Labor Day weekend getaway. I'm at a nice hotel in Midtown. More than 90 percent of the hotel staff is black which, at first, I thought was cool.

But you know what? I've gotten some of the worst service I've ever gotten in my life. I travel quite a bit, and I know good service when I see it. I have not gotten it here. The valet guys ignore me when I pull up in my rental car. I just had breakfast and the hostess damn-near sat me in the kitchen. I had to BEG the waiter for more orange juice, and then had to BEG him for a pen to sign my receipt.

These are some serious player-hatin-ass negroes up in the ATL.

What's wrong with us?

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James Burnett said...

ha! sounds like a certain recent midwestern visit, except that one had a white cast.

don't you know negroes will hate on each other more than on anyone else? we don't trust white folks to give us a fair shake, but if we see one of our own apparently doing well we treat him with disdain as though he must've sold his soul to achieve that success.

i don't know what is wrong with us. when you get an answer to taht question let me know.