Monday, August 14, 2006

Would Theo and Vanessa have become crackheads?

I didn't get The Memo.
Did ya'll get The Memo?

You know what memo. The memo that stated that Bill Cosby and Michael Dyson knows how to solve Black America's issues. You know: Poverty. Unemployment. Racism. Health issues.


Here we go again. Bill Cosby made some somewhat controversial comments and, yet again, some folks ain't happy. Michael Dyson, a man who I think is a genious and one of the most focused social commentators and sociologists in the country, has not been happy with Cosby since he made his first controversial remarks a couple of years ago, and sure as hell wasn't pleased with the brotha after some recent comments in Washington, D.C.

Basically, Cosby wants black folks to have more personal responsibility, to focus on our issues in our own homes and within ourselves. Which is essentially what he's always said.

Dyson has called Cosby out for simplifying a very complex issue. He feels that black people have to deal with racism (something that they have no control over), and that Cosby is being irresponsible.

I think they're both right.

Let's keep it real. There is some truth to what Cosby is saying. Black people need to get our shit together, need to stop buying our kids $150 shoes and worrying about to whom Kanye West is engaged. I know people who spend more time analyzing Beyonce's weave than their own damn bank statements. When was the last time any of us volunteered for a cause, spent time with young kids in high schools, or provided a bit of guidance to a young person who needs help? Hell, I'm guilty my damn self.

But it's simple to say "Just be good and life will work out." It won't. Shit happens. Life happens: Racism. Sexism. Homophobia. Age-ism. Class-ism. There are things we just can't control. That's what Dyson is saying, and I agree to a large extent.

This isn't an either-or issue. It's not a pick sides kind of fight. There are things here that need to be discussed and debated, and I'm glad that's being done.

But, hell, everybody is so busy calling each other out that they're missing what the other side is saying. Maybe the only reason they can communicate is by writing memos.

Memo to Bill: It's not that simple.

Memo to Michael: It's not that complicated.

Memo to Black People: Turn off BET.


J said...

BET = pointless and worthless.

in general, black people need to stop looking to rappers, politicians, television dads, r &b singers, and pastors to tell them what to do.

Sean said...

Here is what I find so sad. Mr. Cosby was being what is called "Straight up" about the ills that are hurting our race. Everybody says be truthful and honest but wants to have the truth with a lil bit o suga on it so it won't hurt so bad.

But in order to address the real issue you have to be straight up. Yes the truth hurts. But if it is true it is supposed to.

And another thing why is it we (black folk) tend to put ourselves in things that don't fit us? If I know I am paying attention to my children, working an honest job, and indulging in things that are meant to empower our people, why am I going to respond as if the comments were saying I didn't do any of those things?

I agree our race has got some serious issues within and in order to be able to move forward we MUST FACE THEM HEAD ON. It is call "PROCESSING Through the Process".

Come on people.

Anonymous said...

Today we live in a world of instant gratification, however there are usually no instant results for poor decisions. A leaky roof can take years to destroy a house, if not repaired. Failure to teach our children respect, self worth, discipline and responsiblilty sometimes has long lasting results. But unlike instant gratification, respect, self worth, discipline and responsiblilty remain a part of your character.

Train a child the way to go and they will not depart from it.