Monday, August 21, 2006

John Karr: Who gives a damn?

No joke. Who? Don't mistake: The death of a little girl is a big deal. As is the supposed capture of her killer. But, did we have to hear every detail of Karr's flight to the United States?

I was in Indianapolis for a convention last week, and as I was getting dressed in my hotel room before a presentation, MSNBC came on with a "breaking news bulletin about that Thai airways jet" they mentioned earlier. I was like, "Oh shit. Did a plane crash when a nigga was in the shower?"


The "breaking news" was that Karr was sitting in business class and had fried prawns for dinner.

It's bad enough that I have issues with the coverage of Jon Benet Ramsey's murder case (another blog), but the last thing I need is to hear about what every thing the suspected murderer did when he was on his extradition flight.

And, I'm tripping that this clown was in business class. My black ass can barely afford coach in most cases, and he gets BC? Crime pays.

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spchrist said...

I guess I missed you in Indy...but I feel you on this post...