Sunday, August 13, 2006

This mofo blog lives: Black by popular demand

Yes, a negro is back. And Black.

Been busy. Doing what, I don't remember. Work. Life. Shit. But I've neglected this blog like George Bush has neglected domestic policy: pathetically. My bad. This blog lives. Don't give up on a negro. This will be updated regularly. Not every few months, but every day, sometimes a few times per. I've realized that a blog is a living, breathing entity that must be fed with the personality of whomever owns it. I guess.

Yes, a negro is back.
Let's get this party started....

1) Some clowns in London were going to blow up two planes headed for the United States. Here's my thing: Why? What's the point? Ok, they blow up the planes and get their names in the paper. And? THEN what? Were they expecting a damn book deal? An appearance on Oprah? What was the goal here, other than murder and mayhem? And now they got caught.

2) Fidel Castro's brother took over Cuba. Apparently, F Dog is recovering from surgery, and for now Raul will be the boss. A Negro has a question: Who is going to take seriously someone named Raul? No offense to those with that name, and, I actually think it's somewhat of a cool name. But not for a dictator that's supposed to rule by fear. RAUL? Who is going to be afraid of someone with the name Raul? It sounds like the name of a stripper.

3) A Negro is obsessed with the Food Network. I can't get enough of that stuff. The other day I was watching "Restaurant Makeover" and was damn year yelling at the tv. I wonder why Alton Brown goes through so much stuff just to cook (though, Alton is my dawg, though). Maybe this is a later blog topic, but I've heard that the fastest growing demographic for the Food Network is single men in their 30s. Speaking of which...

4) A Negro just turned 34. More on this later, but it's amazing how time flies. I mean, damn, didn't I just celebrate my 21st birthday last week????

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