Saturday, February 25, 2006

Random poison is not funny

A student at UT was doing laundry and opened up a roll of quarters. She saw a strange powder inside. Turns out that it was ricin, and she was rushed to the hospital The dorm was shut down, and police are investigating.

The girl got the roll of quarters from her mom, who said she got it from a bank. The bank is now closed, and everyone trying to figure out where the hell this stuff came from.

Here's my thing: Did someone think it would be cute to create ricin and put it in a roll of quarters? Did they think they were being funny? This reminds me of a few years ago during the Anthrax scare. Remember how Anthrax was suddenly showing up everywhere? It still boggles my mind that a human being would take to time to actually acquire - or make - a DEADLY POISON, insert it into envelopes and rolls of quarters, and give it to somebody.

Memo to my fellow human beings: Random poison is not funny.


jameil1922 said...

no, not really, but this "Memo to my fellow human beings: Random poison is not funny." is. lololol

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