Monday, January 09, 2006

Negro Republicans

Lynn, Lynn, Lynn. Thought you were cool, bro.

So Lynn Swan is running for governor of Pennsylvania. As a Republican. Well, ok then. If that's what floats your boat.

But let me toss this out there: I don't get black Republicans. Sure, I can understand someone being a "fiscal conservative". Shit, I'm conservative when it comes to money. In that context, I can see someone looking at the Republican party as the "money" party and, perhaps, aligning themselves with the party, based on similar (fiscal) beliefs.

But here's the problem: when you vote Republican - regardless of the reasons - you're also rubber-stamping their idiotic social policies. And, trust me, Republican Social policies don't give a damn about black people.

Or Hispanics. Or Asians. Or Gays and lesbians.

I have no problem with black people or any minority voting how they want. No one group is monolithic. However, we need to realize that, even if we're voting Republican for the "money" aspect, that doesn't mean we're going to benefit. Let's not forget: politicians in general don't like to share the wealth.

The GOP claims to want to reach out to minorities, but that's only because they see the inevitable changing demographics of the country. They want to reach out to us for the votes, but not share the money or the power.

Can we say South Africa?

Republicans are pimping us. Some people have said, "well, but Democrats have pimped us for years." True. And I don't hold out any expectations for Democrats, either. But, at the very least, I can align myself with some of their social policies and not feel guilty about voting for them.

I kind of see the Democratic Party as the lesser of two evils.


*Madosi said...

hmmm, i have met a good few black republicans lately at least and a few gay ones at that ...

don't understand it, but hey whatever floats your boat!

spchrist said...

i could never vote republican...EVER. I would vote independent, green party or anybody else...before i check off republican

POPS said...

the vote is for the individual, not the party. how is refusing to vote for someone because of their party affiliation not akin to the discrimination prior to the cicl rights era?

jameil1922 said...

precisely. he is a mess. you should've seen the announcement. not a black face in there. ridiculous. i think there are more and more blacks that can agree with at least some portion of the republican platform. however, like you said, i can't get with the majority of the things they stand for.

i vote for the people i feel best adhere to my beliefs... or the lesser of two evils. most often (sigh) the democrats. they irritate me too. can they find a charismatic future leader? what is that about? i hope john mccain makes it past the primaries this time. he's my fave.

jameil1922 said...

whoa pops. party discrimination is absolutely not the same as race discrimination. not even close. not prudent. but not comparable to the fight for equality.

Drew said...

Pops, you're comparing my feelings about the Republican Party to the civil rights struggle? LOL. I'm not even going to respond to that, since it's so absurd.

Yes, it's all about the INDIVIDUAL, and that is my point: a lot of these Negro Republicans vote Republican for broad, vague reasons. They say, "I want to be rich. I'm going to vote republican. Democrats can't make me rich." They miss the overall point: that a) The Republicans aren't going to magically put a million bucks in their bank account and b) they're inadvertantly VOTING FOR POLICIES THAT ARE DETRIMENTAL TO THEM LONG TERM.

J said...

look, i'm not a big fan of republicans, either. but i think we give democrats a free pass because we think they're "down with us."

democrats teach black people to have a blame mentality, instead of accepting personal responsibility. they hooked a bunch of us on welfare and had us blaming the "system" instead of getting jobs. that did just as much damage as anything republicans have done.

and sure, they come up with a lot of good programs, but then they have no idea how they will pay for them. so, what's the point?

in my opinion, you're better off voting on fiscal values because money is what moves people into action.

certain social issues will always be there, no matter how you vote. abortion is always going to be legal. why? because republicans get abortions too.

yes, affirmative action has been under attack, but have you really noticed the difference between what it was like 10 years ago and what it's like now? i sure haven't. the EEOC's mission statement is still pretty much the same. rulings have passed and some have been overturned, but the letter of the law remains the same. know why it won't change too much? cuz white women benefit from it.

as long as pro-abortion lobbyists are paying dough for votes, things will never change. republicans are not about to bite a hand that feeds them. same goes with affirmative action. anyone from any party will vote however you tell them as long you pay them. harsh, but true. and that is what makes ALL politicians the same.

and no, republicans don't put a million personally in your finances, but if they pass laws that ease your tax burden, how could you not vote for one? the same goes for a democrat.

i guess i vote for the small picture, not the big one. i realize as i grow older there is only so much i can do about the big picture. i have to be more concerned about my world.

Drew said...


I agree that black folks have gave the Dem's a free pass. I'll also agree that the Dem's have instilled a sense of "entitlement blame" within our culture.

However, I really don't see the Republican's showing that they give one ounce of a damn about me.

You said you have to think about the small picture. Your world. Ok, fine. The way I see it, the Repubican's don't give a fuck about me, who I am, what I do. Democrats don't either, but you know what, it's about the Devil you know.

Look, I live in a state with no state taxes. I like that. And, as a future homeowner, things like money and taxes have become VERY important issues to me. I'm a fiscal conservative, to be sure.

But, I see what the Republican Party has done to this country over the last few years, and I just can't endorse them. I can't.

Their social politics is offensive, at best.

I have to sleep at night. That is MY world.

mr. albert said...

as usual, someone wants to blame the ills of the world on Republicans! Y? Probably because when you were a youngster your parents informed you that being Democrat meant being "black" or "down" with your people. Truth is, like many African Americans before you, we make our political choices on emotion, something personal, or something we've heard! Being from Michigan, you should definitely be used to "negro" Democrats! Maybe???

Somebody's son said...

Honestly, I believe Democrats have set African Americans BACK. Democrats don't help black people, they use them. At least Republicans are honest about being a bunch of fuckin douchebags. Team said...

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