Wednesday, July 06, 2005

'Lil Kim in a cellblock with Amazon beasts.

Weave billowing past her shoulders like bed sheets drying on a clothes line, Lil Kim stormed out of court, surrounded by shysters in black and fans flashing film. She apparently recieved one year in prison for perjury, lying under oath.

One wonders why Martha Stewart, who also essentially "lied", got only five months in jail and five months house arrest on her Dynasty-like estate.

Martha got a hookup in a minimal level halfway house, and Lil kim will probably get stuck in an OZ-like cellblock lockdown where they shoot you in the fo head if you talk too loud. How many movies have we seen that depicted what life is like in women's prisons where the inmates are barbarian beasts with breasts who will kill each other at will?

Double standard? Someone said that they think that jurors see 'Lil Kim is a rapper and were probably harder on her, that rapping is hard edged, which is something most (let's face it, white) jurors can't relate to.

And, even the judge admitted that he had to be careful not to sentence Kim too harshly for fear that people would see a racial double standard. But, still, why couldn't she get the same soft sentence Martha did? Will she get send to a similar facility?

Granted, Lil Kim SHOULD HAVE just admitted she saw her manager the day of the shooting and paid her damn taxes and called it a day, but still. This is about the sentence.

Either, way, though, this gives Lil kim some major street cred. You're not a REAL rapper until you've been to prison.


*Madosi said...

I really do not see this hurting her too much. Especially since she has an album coming out close to the time she is scheduled to "report to prison." This will probably help her career, some.

I think it is a double standard, but everything Black is a double standard. Why are we surprised? Because we think times have changed. And even though they have, does not mean that people's thoughts and feelings about us (Blacks) and the way they treat us have changed as well. Unfortunate it is, but it is also the times we live in. Once people change their opinions of us, then the way they treat us and this Double Standard will change as well.

What may also help though is that we must change how people see us act. Wishful thinking I know, but if Black folk stop making a fool of all Black folk, then others will not have any "amunition" to use against us to make their points seen! Ya know?

*Madosi said...
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J said...

yeah, i was a little baffled about this sentence, too.

so, how is it that lil kim didn't shoot anybody or cut anybody, but she wound up in the slammer for year? yeah, lying is wrong and she deserved to be punished, but a year? and not paying your taxes?? come they didn't just seize all her stuff?

you know, it seems whenever the gov't can't get you for one charge, they go looking for tax information. and how is it that people that rich don't pay their taxes? i mean, you had to know you aren't just GIVEN $50,000...

man, lil' kim is real petite, so i don't know if she can hang against big bertha w/ cornrows. just remember, kim....eatin' ain't cheating...LOL