Thursday, July 07, 2005

It's gettin hot in here

Random thoughts as this heat starts to kick my tail:

1) I'm glad New York didn't get the Olympics. I mean, I love NYC and all, but they acted as if they should get the games JUST because of 911. The same thing happened right after 911 during the World Series. Everybody and they mamma thought the Yankess should get it JUST because of 911. Sorry, it don't work like 'dat. The United States has had the games three times in 20 years. That's a lot.

2) You know how you go into the doctor, and wait in the examination room for the doctor, and there's another examination room right next to it? The walls between these examination rooms are usually paper thin. Well, today, I was at the doctor, and the doctor was meeting with a husband and wife in the next examination room. I couldn't overhear what it was about (and wasn't trying to listen, to be honest), but my doctor is LOUD AS HELL when he wanna be, and all of a sudden I hear him say, plain as day, "Ok, i'll get yall some viagra. Don't worry. I'ma hook yall up. I'll be right back with a prescription."
I didn't really need to hear all that!

3) This week's "What's all that fo?": The bombings in London are a trip. Here's my thing with all these terrorist attacks: What's the point? What do they gain by blowing shit up and killing people? Are they doing it for religious reasons, for their God? Even so, still, WHAT IS THE POINT! As Jemele said about the villians in the James Bond films: If you blow up the world, where YO ass gon live???

4) Overheard on the radio driving home today: "It's a high of 101 degress downtown..."
That's just wrong. Plain wrong.

5) I renewed my NABJ membership. They said it would take two weeks to process, and I'll get my stuff in the mail. Right after that, I registered for the convention. Here it is, nearly 3 weeks after I renewed my membership, and i haven't gotten envelope the first in the mail from NABJ. I bet my registration is going to arrive in the mail before my membership. I loves my people, but we cornered the market on triflin.

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*Madosi said...


Just about all of those were just plain wrong. All I got to say is ... "Let my people goooooooooooo!"

Drew, you are funny!