Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Cell phone companies ain't sh--!!!!!!!

So my cell phone died. Cell phone companies ain't sh--, but we'll get to that. I go to the Cingular store during lunch, and I'm like, "my cell is messed up, what are my options?"

"Juan" informs me that my options are to get a new phone. Thanks Einstein.

So I ask what the price ranges are. I'm clueless about cell phones. I'm thinking I can get a top of the line one for about $100. Useless-ass "Juan" informs me that the bare bones cell phone, brand new, is $250. He then informs me that if I were three months away from the expiration of my contract, they could tear it up and renew it and I'd get a great cell phone on the cheap. My contract doesn't expire for another six months or so, so I'm screwed.

Here's my question: why are Cell Phone companies so triflin? I'm five mintues away from putting them on my Utility Shit List, right up there with cable companies. Why in the hell do they charge $5,0000 for a phone, but when they trying to lure you into a contract, they offer that same phone to you for $5 and, a pack of Now and Laters and a blunt?

A few people have told me I can go on ebay, bid on one at auction real cheap, and go that route. But I ain't got time for all that. Ebay takes patience, something a bruh don't have.

Oh, and then, when I asked "Juan" if they could transfer my numbers, he's like, "Maybe."
Then, a pause.
After 30 seconds, i'm like, "Maybe....what???"
He's like, "Well, we'd have to check to see if you have a sim card and then maybe we could transfer it depending on this and that, blah, blah, blah..."

So I asked him if he could check my phone right then?
This fool was like, "Naw, we don't have 'the machine' at this store."
Whatever the hell "the machine" is.

Oh, and peep this: a friend of mine told me of her experience with a cell phone company. She and her husband wanted to UPGRADE their plan, adding minutes, options, etc. The cell phone company told her, no, in order to do that, they would have to break the original contract (charging her a $200 fee) and start a new one.

The friend reminded the cell phone company that she wanted an UPGRADE, and was willing to spend more money. But they still said no. Pissed, when the friend's contract was up, she switched to another company.

What kind of dumb sh-- is that? She wanted to spend MORE MONEY, but the cell phone company woudn't let her. They was like, "naw, dawg, we good."

Normally, I love Cingular, and think it's the best cell phone company hands down, but today, all cell phone companies on my list.


*Madosi said...

Awwww poor Drewster!

Yeah, cell phone companies do suck. It is almost like you trying to get into the White House. They have their stuff on LOCK!

And then when you try and leave their company they are like ... "we have this offer" or "don't leave us, have 6 months free with a new ear piece."

WHATEVAH! That is why I chose to go with the cheapest of the cheapest here in Atlanta, Metro PCS. They may be the crackhead company, but I know what I am dealing with.

I know their phones suck. I know that their signal is no good. And I know that there is only a one-year life expectancy with their phones. BUT I can talk all I want to and when I need a new one they are not going to charge me an arm and a leg for the new phone!

J said...

one thing i can say about sprint is they will let you get a new phone in a minute. of course, i got a contract with those hoes until 2015, but that's another story.

i haven't figured out what the scam is with phones.

last summer, my phone died before i was eligible for a new one and i spent $250 bucks to get a new phone. OK, why is it $39 this year? and in some cases, they are giving them out free!

diane sawyer mealy-mouthed ass needs to do an expose on this.

*Madosi said...

Mealy-mouthed? HA HA HA HA!

KLC said...

Shit. I can start a blog on cell phones alone. I hate Sprint.