Monday, July 18, 2005

Sick of Harry Potter

Damn, I'm sick of hearing about Harry Potter! Ok, so, those books have gotten kids to read. Good, but so damn what? Why are we treating the release of every book like the Second Coming? Why in the world are fools lining up at midnight to buy a book about a lil wizard and his lil powers?

I can understand that the books may be entertaining and suspenseful, but I'm sick of hearing about it. I mean, we got academics reviewing the latest book and writing disserations about the meaning of it and how the book has gotten darker and all that.

Fools running around acting like these books are installments of the Bible.

Forget Harry Potter. I want to hear about DeVante Potter and how he trying to survive Hogwarts High School in the fifth ward!


J said...

i was JUST thinking about this.

if you grown and reading about a "lil wizard" and their "lil powers," you need yo' ass whupped with a copy of charlotte's web.

i don't understand the phenomenon and i never have been interested in reading the book. why? I'M GROWN. i mean, that would be like me running to waldenbooks to pick up a copy of a judy blume book.

altho, i'd take the harry potter ho's paycheck in a MINUTE.

and why do we act like it's some kind of novelty that kids read? AINT THAT WHAT THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO DO? i remember my momma MAKING ME get a library card and read a book a week. you can read. OK, get a cookie and a capri sun.

*Madosi said...


J Hill is a COON everyone!

You right though. I have a grown friend who is like "40" and is all about Harry Potter and I am like WTF?!

While there are things in life I enjoy and love, Potter definitely is not one. These parents need to be more concerned with how these kids are doing in school and be excited about that thank Potter ... but that is a whole other discussion all together

KLC said...

Glad somebody said it.
I don't get that shit.
And straight up, if I see another 43 year old virgin with horn-rimmed glasses dressed up as Harry Potter at midnight trying to get a book, I'll scream.
I will.