Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Nappy-headed hos

My question: Why do so many people listen to this fool from the get go? This clown has had everybody and they mama on his show, and I mean prominent everybody's and they prominent mamas. Yet, we're suddenly shocked when he says something foul?

So that raises the question: Why do we listen to Don Imus? And, why have we let this moron get away with so much for the last few decades?

I think it's because he's white, and he says what a lot of people think. He connects with people who think the same way he does, which is the majority of the country, unfortunately. I have no sympathy for this clown. He has pushed and pushed and pushed to the point where this was coming.

But why are so many calling him out when, ultimately, a lot of people agree with him? You have the so-called white liberals calling him out, but, at the same time, listening to his show while being awed by his message. I have heard that many celebrities have cancelled appearances on his show. But, would they have cancelled had he not showed his ass?

Who's right and who's wrong?


James Burnett said...

None of those phonies would have canceled if he hadn't gotten called out.

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