Monday, February 20, 2006

"Does she still wear that rag on her head?"

A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

* So the same day the White House announces that they will seek approval to spy on us - AFTER admitting they've been doing it for years - Bin Laden announces on a tape that he will never be caught alive. Why is W so worried about whether or not I order extra sauce on my buffalo wings at Bw3 than he is at catching Bin Laden?

* The timing of this while thing smells funny. Oh yeah, SUDDENLY here come Bin Laden, releasing yet another DVD with a Directors Cut and deleted scenes. Every time you turn around this fool getting Tupac, releasing new tapes and videos. Why can't we find that fool?

* A friend of mine just got back from a super-cheap trip to the Bahamas. He was bragging because he got a week in the Bahamas - airfare and hotel - for about $500. Weeellll, like everything else, there was a catch. Or shall we say, several. For one thing, he had to change planes like 4 times. And each time had a lengthy lay over. Then, he had to take whatever seats were available, and was complaining because he ended up in the back of the plane with a couple of bratty kids. And this guy is an elite member on this airline. THEN, when he finally gets to the Bahamas...guess what? Yep, the cheap hotel he booked on priceline was a shithole: smelly room, stained sheets on bed, broken lamps, no hot water. The whole nine. He was not pleased.

* Bump that. I'd rather pay more to be comfortable. I want my guaranteed seat in row 6 on my flight. I was some assurances that roaches won't crawl out from under the bed in my hotel room.
* Erykah Badu put on a hell of a show here Saturday night. Tore it up. A friend of mine asked: "Does she still wear that rag on her head?" LOL.

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J said...

BET money, bin laden is already dead. been dead, probably.

every time i see bin laden, i think of that movie, wag the dog, where dustin hoffman and robert deniro just created a war to fool the american people.

bin laden ain't shit but bush's personal mirage. whenever bush is in trouble or need a quick bil from congress, he just gets some dude to put on a turban, throw some gray in his beard, film something in his garage, and call it a "threat" to the u.s. then bush gets whatever he wants.

i betchu it's a whole bunch of muslims out there that don't know they little group is being led by some washed-up actor the gov't found on crenshaw in L.A.