Wednesday, December 21, 2005

What happens here, stays here. Right?

Las Vegas - Here's my thing: How many hotels can they build? How many casinos and cheap drink bars and upscale clubs? How long until people figure out that Vegas is, at the end of the day, too much?

The answer: Hell, I don't care! I'm here to get my groove on!

You know you're in Vegas when...

1) A crimson-dressed church choir jumps on a float and cruises down the Strip, singing and telling people that Gambling is wrong and that you're going to hell.

2) Even the barber shops offer their customers a Heinken.

3) You walk the streets with booze...and even the cops looking at you like they want a sip.

4) You're always thinking, "But what's all THAT for?"

5) You drink ALL of the Courvoisier on the plane on the flight in (yes, Jemele actually did this).

6) Your mamma pray for you when she finds out you're going there.

7) You see $1 drink specials.

8) When they tell you "There is no Happy Hour here."

9) Everybody and they mamma want you to "put a bet in" for them.

10) The buffet's are packed...and it's not even right after church!


J said...

11) you get hit on by swingers and are too drunk to remember it.

12) no matter what time it is, somebody is stumbling around drunk.

13) it's the only place you go where after you leave you feel like you need to get saved.

14) why is hotel water $5?

jameil1922 said...

lolololololol. that's great. i've never been. my mom wants to go back. i'm clearly like hey ma. i love you. but er um... yeah you ain't invited.

KLC said...

But did you get cocktail shrimp?
And steak for $2.95?