Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Drama in Las Vegas

Las Vegas - I ain' t been here five minutes and a celebrity has already walked by. Ron Jeremy, the porn star, was just walking through the airport. I'm waiting for Jemele's flight to arrive from Minneapolis, and I'm sitting in Wolfgang Puck Express (why do restaurants create "express" versions in airports? The shit is too expensive either way).

Wolfgang Bartender is like "Did you see Ron Jeremy walk by?"

Wolfgang Chef is like, "Yeah, I saw him. He's gotten bigger over the years."

(For those that don't know, Ron Jeremy is a famous old-school porn star who got a bit chunky over the years.)

Anyway, Wolfgang Chef is like, "And he had a beautiful woman with him. How can that fat fuck get those women and I'm better looking than he is and I couldn't get a woman like that?"

Because: fame is an aphrodisiac. Most women would screw George Bush (senior) in a minute. And how do you think Star Jones got such an attractive husband? Because she's Star Jones. Most men would screw ANYTHING in a minute.

Only in Vegas baby! I'm finna get my PAR-TAY ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

DREW HONEY - i miss you already - have a blast in Vegas - gonna give you big hugs when I see you next. Thanks for taking us to the movies on Monday - I owe you drinks!! Nicole

A.Run said...

Dang. I think I would spot Jill Scott's backup singers or T.D. Jake's assistant pastor in the airport before I'd recognize a porn star.