Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Law & Order's they NEED to make

Law & Order is my shit. Love that show. At first, I was skeptical when they started making sequels and shit. All the subtitles and colons and actors had me confused. But I've finally gotten them figured out.

There was a fourth version, but they cancelled that after a few episodes. That got me to thinking about Law & Order's they need to make...

Law & Order: Showtime at the Apollo - Detective Bling and Special Agent Dateless White Woman probe a bunch of murders at the Showtime at the Apollo television show. Seems that someone is sick of hearing people sing Jennifer Holiday's "And I'm Telling you", and killing them. Also, an Apollo cast member - useless-ass Kiki Shepard - is being stalked...but no one cares.

Law & Order: Taking Home A Plate - Officers Weird Old White Man and Young Hip Hispanic travel around the country investigating random murders that happen during black family gatherings. They deal with stabbings over card games, shootings because Uncle Boo Boo took the last slice of sweet potato pie, and Monopoly fights over who gets Board Walk and Park Place.

Law & Order: Smile in yo face - Lawyers Shapeless Blond White Girl and Clueless Black Guy prosecute cases of passive-aggressiveness. Turns out a majority of their cases involve evil white people, all bosses, and sellout blacks.

Law & Order: What's all THAT fo? - Special Agent Rap-Guy-Turned-Actor and his new partner Simple-ass White Boy Rookie investigate cases of human beings who are simple and do stupid shit. A lot of their cases involve people who clown on airplanes and anything involving Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.

Law & Order: Who'se the Daddy? - CSI Investigators Frizzy Haired Jewish Girl and Bitter Black Woman search across the country for the daddies of millions of out-of-wedlock babies. Their highest success rate is at NBA games. They also hit sperm banks, DNA centers, and nightclubs in cities with basketball teams, telling women to "wrap it up an have some self-respect".

Law & Order: Everybody Can't Cook - Some people are great cooks. Some people are horrible cooks. Usually, the people who are horrible cooks have no clue. That's where Officers Anorexic White Girl and Older Black Mamma come in. The duo goes around the country, preventing people from committing "foodicide."


jameil1922 said...

lol. you're silly. my fave is criminal intent. svu hits too close to home. i know too many people who've been raped.

POPS said...

this is comedy

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