Saturday, November 19, 2005

Ya'll help Terrell, or yall going to hell

Riddle me this: why is Jesse Jackson involved in the Terrell Owen's situation? Why isn't he someplace up in the government face, trying to figure out why they decided to send Katrina evacuees to Zimbabwe instead of leaving them in Louisiana? Why is he issuing statements and railing on behalf of a guy who, at the end of the day, is a millionaire who can take care of his damn self?

In short, why can't Jesse - just this once - shut the f---k up?

Now, hear me out. Jesse is my dawg. I'm a big fan. Always have been. If it weren't for him, the discourse on Civil Rights in this country would be almost non-existent. He's constantly out there pushing the agenda of the poor and voiceless, and for that I will always give him dap.

But, as we all know, sometimes Jesse need to shut the hell up.
Memo to Jesse: Terrell Owens is not an issue. He is a simple-ass, self-centered negro with no compassion. Worse case scenario for Terrell? He won't play for the Eagles. Arrogant as he is, he's talented, and will get another gig. Which means he'll, yet again, be paid millions. Which means he's not as needy as the people out there working hard and struggling to not get laid off. Those are the people that need prayer.

Aaron McGruder, the genius who draws The Boondocks comic strip and has the tv show, said in a newspaper interview a few weeks ago that the era of the black community rallying to a lone voice, a lone person, is long over. There are too many voices and different opinions in the black community for one person to represent us all. I agree.

I'm not playa hatin against another brother. I'm merely saying that Jesse got too much power and influence to be worried about Terrell Owens. Jessee, Terrell gon be ok. He won't be standing in line at the homeless shelter any time soon. Ok?

It's funny, because one thing my girl JHILL always says is that the FIRST thing black folks do when we get into trouble is call the preacher. It doesn't matter if we haven't been to church in decades. If something goes wrong, a press conference with a reverend ain't far behind.

Jesse is my dawg and all, but he need to spend his time trying help some real po' folks.


J said...

brilliant post.

this is exactly why white people don't take jessie seriously.

i think jessie needs to focus his energies on helping out mofos from katrina who only left with a pack of doublemint, instead of worrying about coon-ass T.O.

besides, another huge problem in our community is that we don't know how to criticize our own folks. matter fact, we just don't do it. instead of patronizing us and telling us we should feel sorry for T.O, jessie need to be telling his big-head ass to stop disgracing himself AND another black athlete.

besides, it's too hot for all 'dat.

KLC said...

I love you Drew. Marry me.
Seriously, minus the f-bomb, this needs to be a column. (Then maybe fools would read newspapers.)

*Madosi said...

riiight, jesse and some others need to just sit down and shut it up!

i have mad respect for those who get up and speak out cause many of us dont and wont, but sometimes i feel like people are just running off at the mouth to get some for he media attention for themselves ... how sad!

POPS said...

i'll be the bad guy here, but what if jesse has been repping the katrina victims from the jump, but when asked about his opinion on the TO issue, that got more play? just a thought...

Drew said...

Pops, I see your point. Perhaps Jessee was at a Katrina press conference and randomly asked him about Terrell. However, my understanding is that that's not how it went down. From what I hear, Jessee is specifically representing Terrell, and even went to his home and did prayer, etc.

Again: Jesse need to shut up.