Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Bling politician

Look at this fool. All upset because he got caught. This is U.S. Representative Randy "Duke" Cunningham, and he was just caught getting his bling on.

First of all, anybody with one of those middle nicknames in quotes can't be trusted. That means he's a simple-ass good 'ol boy who is sneaky as all get out.

Basically, this clown was caught accepting bribes. He got payments in cash, vacations, cars, and even had his house note paid. He got Persian rugs, antique furniture worth tens of thousands, use of a yacht, club fees and a Rolls Royce.

He resigned Monday, all teary-eyed and embarrassed.

Here's why this fascinates me: I'm amazed that there are politicians dumb enough to not cover their tracks? In this day and age, why would a fool take so much w/out making sure his shit was on the DL?

It also sort of feeds into the old-school view of politicans, that they're all crooked and corrupt. Once, as a teenager, I considered becoming a politician. I thought it was a noble calling and that I'd be helping people. Weeeeel, those were my naieve years. Clearly, by the time I reached college, my eyes had been opened: politicans ain't shit.

What do you guys think? Is is possible to be a politician and not be corrupt? Or are corruption and policy-making hand and hand? I think most of us would agree that politics, in general, requires some kind of deal making and compromising.

But how much compromise is too much? Is a politician a politician a politician?

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J said...

the setup of politics lends itself to corruption. ain't nobody got that much self control.

the reality is, if certain companies and groups want you to vote a certain way, they contribute to your campaign or ply you with gifts.

we put people in power to vote how we want them to vote. the very nature of the job is influence. so it can easily go to your head.

it's easy to have morals when you have nothing tempting you in your face. much harder when you have the world at your beck and call.

even still, you are right. politicians ain't shit.