Friday, August 19, 2005

Yet another anti-coporate America rant

Why are credit card companies the equivalent of Satan on Earth? I have paid my credit card payments on time for quite a while now. On time. Getting my shit together, right?

So, this month, with all my travels and shit, I got confused. Yall, I paid my credit card bill - online - one day late. For real. ONE DAMN DAY LATE. And I got fined $30 by the credit card hoes.

And, even worse, it was a low balance credit card. I only owed like $350 on that muthafucka. So, damn, a negro got charged 10 percent for being one day late!

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J said...

once again...

the next time one of y'all anti-america, neo-nazi ass mofos wants to blow up some shit that'll hurt the gov't...blow up TRW, or equifax, or MBNA america, or visa...if we don't owe, they can't get paid!