Sunday, August 28, 2005

Katrina, Part 2

So I called to see what I can do about my reservations for next weekend. I pre-paid my hotel room through them at the Hyatt. At first, I had reservations at the good ol trusty Mariott, but I cancelled those to save money. Mistake.

2) Anyway, Priceline woman tells me that, basically, It's too early to cancel my reservations, which were for this Friday, Sept. 2. She's trying to be optimistic, and is all cheery. She's like, "Oh, you should be fine. The hotel is likely going to be open." So I'm like, "What if the city is UNDERWATER?" She's like "Oh, well, in that case you have options. "

3) So then, Priceline woman is all happy and cheery again, trying to reassure me that, even if a hurricane comes thorough NOLA, the city will still function.

Priceline woman: "I flew into New Orleans once, right after a hurricane, and everything was ok."

Me: "Oh yeah? When was this?"

Priceline woman: "A couple of years ago. "

Me: "Um, was it a CATEGORY FIVE hurricane?"

Priceline woman, after a pause: "Um, no. I think it was a two."

Me: "Big difference there."

Give her credit for trying, I guess.

4) But, as I said before, this isn't about me or my reservations. This is about the people who are still in NOLA. Pray for them. Or, if you're not religious, just think good thoughts.

5) Jhill and I were just talking about this: what about all the reporters, rescue workers, and politicians who have to stay in New Orleans? My company has several people in NOLA right now. I hope they're ok. Really makes you think about whether certain careers are worth it.

6) FOX news is a trip. Sensationistic as all get out. Damn. All the other networks have been low key, but telling the facts: the storm is big. Leave New Orleans. But not FOX. No way. They've been like "KATRINA IS COMING! KATRINA IS COMING!" I'm not joking. One of the anchors was screaming that late last night.

7) President Bush declared a state of emergency, and the other networks were calm, saying "The President has ordered an evacuation."


8) I have since switched to CNN.


*Madosi said...

I do not know why, but I am so caught up in this Katrina thing.

I am like wow, history is about to be made and its name is Katrina!

Watch, they are going to take her name off the list and we won't get any Black names for a long time ... its a CONSPIRACY I tell ya!

ollie said...

hate to say it, but i just saw a photo of the Hyatt in New Orleans...the windows were all blown out

J said...

OK, what the hell is wrong with the priceline woman?

she's basically like, safety be damned, fool, you're going to new orleans. i mean, what if they don't have running water? electricity? those are CONCERNS.