Sunday, August 28, 2005

Katrina getting her NOLA groove on

1) Leave it to a Hurricane with a ghetto name like Katrina to destroy New Orleans. Why couldn't Hurricane Becky or Molly do it? Why it gotta be a Katrina?

2) Seriously, though, we all need to say a prayer for the good folks in New Orleans. Let's hope Katrina realize that she don't have the right outfit for the club on Burbon Street, and needs to go back home in the ocean, and passes around New Orleans. If she hits New Orleans, it could be one of the worst disasters in United States History. It's deep. The situation in New Orleans is so hopeless that, even in a hurricane situation, the American Red Cross is like, "Yall some good ones for staying! Yall on yall own."

3) I'm not the only one with a sense of humor about Katrina. Check out this blog from New Orleans. It's an interesting read on what people are doing and how they're coping with every thing. Fools loading up on cases of beer. Good plan.

4) Wow. As I write this, an announcement just came on the Weather Channel. There is now mandatory evacuation in New Olreans. First time in the city's history that has ever happened. This is getting serious.

5) I'm sure, even with that warning, there will still be fools down in the French Quarter like, "Can I get another DRANK?" Clowns in NOLA treat a hurricane like it's just a drizzle or something. "Uh huh, yeah. We know a storm could come. But it prolly won't. Let's go get drunk."

Memo to those fools: GET OUT!!! Ain't no gin and tonic or Po'boy worth it! Hmm. Let's do the math: Booze, or death? Hmm. Tough choice.

7) Anybody else get obsessed with the Weather Channel during hurricane season? I can't stop watching.

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