Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The N word

Lately, there's been a lot of talk about the N Word. Y'all know what I mean.


I can say that.
A lot of rednecks can't, which they resent, but that's another blog.

Anyway, my boy Aaron MacGruder, who draws the Boondocks comic strip, is making it into a cartoon. And, he wants to "keep it real" by allowing characters to use the N word. In a cartoon. This will apparently be seen late at night, on the Cartoon Network.

Is it necessary? There's been a lot of talk lately about this. I interviewed Aaron a couple of years ago, and he's a real cool cat, a "real" brother with no pretentions. Very down to earth. But I'm wondering what the cartoon is going to gain by using that word.

So, will MacGruder's messages go the way of John Singleton, who tries SO hard to "keep it real" that the gratitutious foul language often mucks up the deeper messages in his movies? And, what about the uncensored versions of the Chappele's Show, which apparently don't bleep it out? Does that take away from the insight of that show?

Ya'll know me. I'm all for keeping it real and for truth telling from the jump. I'm just tossing it out there whether Aaron really needs the "N" word in his cartoon. I find his comic strips hilarious and insightful, and they tend to be so without using that word.

So why is it necessary now?

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*Madosi said...

It seems to be one of those "tactics," get so much hype out about the cartoon before it is released.

Honestly, I do not think it is necessary. Why? Not everyone uses that word in our community. I understand trying to keep it real, but that is the realness of the situation as well.