Sunday, July 03, 2005

"Can I impregnate you tonight?"

Let's talk about Bobby Brown for a minute. That brother has some serious issues, as we all know. And his wife is one step away from Crackville (oh wait, she just returned). He has a new tv reality show, being Bobby Brown. It's pretty...strange. Entertaining on one hand, and kind of dumb and twisted on the other.

For example, I never knew what a whiny bitch Whitney Houston was. All she did for both shows was whine about how she's sick of everyone wanting her autograph. Um, what did you expect when you became an international superstar? And, quite frankly, I really don't need to hear every five minutes about how they're having sex.

It's defintely a ghetto twist on the reality genre. It'll be interesing to see how far this goes. As Jemele said it's like watching a major car wreck about to happen.

The big question is: Who names their child LaPrincia?


J said...

a couple observations about the show:

- what the hell happened to bobbi kristina? i see who her best friend is....krispy kreme

- why did whitney houston always have a rag on her head? she looked like someone on their way to the store to get some newports.'

- they are an updated version of ike & tina, except you have no idea who is abusing who. i think they trade off on who gets to be ike.

- why does bobby have to' up feet?

- and why do they both look like they need a bath? they just look like there is not enough water to get them clean.

- bobby: chapstick.

- whitney: sandwich

A.Run said...

We all make mistakes. I think Bobby Brown wants to do right. He just needs someone he respects to tell him about Jesus.

Whitney needs a lot of love. Love that doesn't want anything from her. Just love that help and heals.

Their child is the one who needs the most love.

I would love to see them get out of the public eye and allow God to take over. Many stars have done it: Vanity, Pebbles, Juanita Leonard, Deion Sanders, Hammer, etc.

These people have allowed God to take over and they laugh now when people laugh at what they used to be.

Drew said..., I see your point, but Whitney has always been into the church. That's how she came up. I don't know if she still is or not, but I remember when NBC did that special about a year ago on her trip to the Holy Land.

Regardless, I think they're the type of couple that, even if they did embrace God and the church, they still got too much ghetto in them. What's that one saying Jemele used to use all the time? Church on Sunday, Cabaret on Monday.

That's just how Whitney and bobby are: ghetto.

A.Run said...

hahaha I understand.

In the church or not...we all make mistakes. Like Jesus said, He that is without sin...throw the first rock at someone else.

Even the devil started off in Heaven.

Most people of God whohave gone on to do great things started off in jail or as ex-cons. They make the most effective Christians.

Don't sleep on Bobby and Whitney. God has a planm for their lives.

*Madosi said...

OK, I am not even going to touch the God issue on this ... but I will say I have watched the show time and time again. I am hooked, don't know why, but I am. Those two are the perfect match for each other. It is refreshing to see them both just enjoying themselves, ghetto or not. And come on people, you know you have been in the store or on the elevator, dancing and singing with yo peeps, acting a damn fool! I like it, much props to Whitney and Bobby. They have opened their doors to mad criticism and finger pointing. They just want to be left alone and able to live their lives. I don't blame them!

Drew said...

It is sort of entertaining, in a sick and twisted kind of way. Like Jemele said, it's like watching a train wreck that's about to happen.

I give them props for being themselves. I just wonder if they're not taking it too far, and turning into cooning clowns just for the cameras. And, you know how reality tv tends to portray US. They edit out all the good shit, then play only the bad shit (but that's another post).