Thursday, November 01, 2007

Gay Harry Potter

Why did JK Rowling reveal that Dumbeldore was gay? What's the point? And who gives a damn? Of course, I have no issue with homosexuality. But I don't quite understand the point of, all of a sudden, after the last book as been printed, stepping up and saying, "Oh, so and so was gay. You didn't know???"

Yall know me. I don't give a damn about Harry Potter, nor his little wizard friends nor his teachers and all the rest of those goblins and whatnot. I read the first book only because it was a gift from a friend. And, yes, it was entertaining, but I grew burned out on the Harry Potter craziness over the last few years.

Quite frankly, Damn Harry Potter.

But, here's why this bothers me: Who cares? Was it necessary? What did she think she'd be doing by suddenly making one of the characters gay. Now, all of a sudden we're going to have everybody and their mamma reading the books AGAIN, going through them and looking for clues. Then you're going to have all of the right wing fools protesting and shit, saying that kids should not be subjected to reading Harry Potter.

And on and on.
Enough already.
Screw Dumbeldore, Harry Potter and JK Rowling.
No pun intended.

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The First Domino said...

For some years now, I've suspected that Hollywood, and now perhaps some authors, are indulging in a little social engineering.

Forget about "gratuitous sex and violence," it seems that we're being bombarded with "gratuitous gay sex and interracial coupling."

Don't get me wrong, to each his own--sexual preferences, or sex partners.

What I find galling, however, is the movie industry's seeming goal to "engineer" these social taboos out existence, as though they know better than society what should be permissible or not--what's best for us.

Who made them the guardians of social norms and public behavior?

It's not their goals here I find troubling so much as their hubris, their agenda, their methodology, and their use of a medium to carry forth their ideology--their indoctrination.

But I have to ask: what's next for them to make okay? Pedophilia? Multiple wives (hell, they're working on that)? Rape? Incest? Overthrowing the government?

Is their a Hollywood cabal determining what social change to focus on next?

I'd like to think that what I've said here is nothing more than hyperbole, and unfounded fears.

But nothing I've seen so far gives me comfort, or reassurance.

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