Monday, January 29, 2007

Control your damn kids

I still can't get over the story of the family that was kicked off an airplane because their child had a tantrum. I'm not shocked that the child had a fit. Kids do that.

No, I'm tripping about the parents. They're pissed that Air Tran kicked them off the flight.

I'm with the airline. The child was kicking and screaming and hiding under seats and refusing to take her seat before takeoff. The parents apparently kept saying that the child "needed more time" to calm down.

Hell, how much "time" did she need? Was the pilot supposed to hold up the entire flight schedule so that little heffa could "calm down"? Was Air Tran supposed to screw up its entire flight plan for the entire country because little Elly Kulesza could decide when SHE wanted to take off? Come on, now. She's 3.

My mother would occasionally carry a belt in her purse whenever she took me and my brothers and sisters out, just in case. And, if she didn't have a belt and we acted like fools, we'd have Andrew Senior to deal with when he got home from work. That's not child abuse. That's discipline.

I agree with this piece from MSNBC. If we don't teach kids how to behave in public how will they act as adults?

Should we have just let the little brat calm down for as long as she wanted?

Hell naw. Bump that. We should remember the following equations:

Child = 3
Parents = grown.
Solution = what my parents did when I acted out in public - beat her ass.


James Burnett said...

My mom carried the giant hair brush in her purse. And every so often, like a kidnapper trying to keep his victim in line, she'd open the purse and flash us a glimpse of the brush so we didn't forget she was capable of droppin' an ass whuppin' on us the second we got out of line.

Not only was the airline right, but they shouldn't have caved and given the family free tickets later to appease them.

cucuclaire said...

little heffa? too funny. my mom's hand ALONE was enough for my sis and I to stay in line. her hands are big. man-hand size. feminine, nailpolished, weapons of ass destruction.

bye! TGIF

James Burnett said...

Claire, weapon of ass destruction? That's classic. I'd be afraid too of hands that big.

gooders said...

My mum did not need objects she had her eyes and swift fist. She used it to often and was toooo god damn strong!

But we were the best behaved kids EVER. That child could NEVA be mine though ... she would not have to be reminded on the flight! she would already know.

The Sarcasticynic said...

sure. beat the kids. that'll get them off the ground.