Saturday, December 09, 2006

Sue the bastards, but keep your name

My boy JB has been on my ass about updating this blog. OK, OK, my bad. I'll do better (I know I've promised that before. But I will).


This is bugging me. And I don't know why. It shouldn't. But it does. Nicole Paultre wants to legally change her name to reflect the name of her dead fiancee, who, we all know, was killed when a group of NYC police officers lost their damn minds and got all Michael Richards a few weeks ago. She wants to change her name, she says, to have the same name as that of the children she bore with him.


But, hold up. I'm not buying it. Not to sound crass (well, it's going to sound crass anyway, but I don't care) but, my bet is that she wants to cash in on having his last name. I'm sure some PR person, or even Rev Al, told her she could possibly milk this for years if she had his last name.

Cynical? Yep. But this doesn't feel right.

I'll buy that she kept the wedding ring he gave her because she wanted something he'd bought for her. I'm sure that ring will be very important to her for years to come. But I'm not sure taking his name was done mainly out of sentimental reasons or even to have the same name of her kids.

I'm not trying to be insensitive or crass. But I've seen genuine crime victims morph overnight from warm, devastated citizens to money-grubbing, attention-seeking media freaks. Does she deserve money from the NYC police department? Yep. She should sue the hell out of them.

But this bruh ain't buying the reasons she changed her name.
Taking bets on when the book/movie deal will be announced.


Anonymous said...

Good call. I could see that sort of cashing in, and could definitely see the "community advisors" suggesting she do the name change.

I say the book will be out in six months - ghost-written, and the made for TV CBS Sunday afternoon movie or USA Network Friday evening movie will be out in 1 year.

Drew said...

JB, I agree. It'll probably be a USA Network deal. And it'll be badly directed and acted. And they'll cast black actors and actresses we haven't heard from or seen in YEARS, people like Ann Marie Johson, or some folk.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's the kind of movie that'll make you cringe, 'cause it'll almost be sad that a low-budget film is all the work they could get.

Gooders Girl said...

errrr, why shouldn't she get paid?

Surely this does not make the commitment to the man she loved any less real.

Some one needs to help look after ther kids -- The Police Dept. took a pay check otta their mouths for life!

Gooders Girl said...

Re: spelling and grammer -- sorry worked nightside and am seeing double.

Anonymous said...

This is not to be construed as judgmental, critical or otherwise negative. This question is posed purely out of curiousity. Drew, are you really a "bruh" or is this some kind of Jolson thing going on?

Drew said...

LOL. A "Jolson" thing? And what's up with the "bruh" in quotes?

No, I'm not a "Jolson." Yes, I am a "bruh." Just because I don't agree with every aspect of how this case is handled doesn't make me a sellout. As I said before, I'm on her side. I think she should get every dime she can. But what's the point of her changing her name? She's entitled to damanges regardless if she changed her name or not.

Yes, I think the NYC police department should take care of her kids. But I don't see the point of her changing her name to do so.

Drew said...

Gooders girl,

I agree. The NYC should shell out some cash for this one. They took those kids' daddy away.

But, again, the mom would get cash regaradless. What's the point of her changing her name?