Sunday, December 17, 2006

$90 worth of beer and wings

Met a couple of buddies out for beer and wings Saturday night. We watched the Cowboy-Falcons game. Buddy number two was late, so it was basically me and buddy number one, shooting the shit for a few hours and drinking and eating wings. Had a good time.

Later, the bill came. It was $90.

Now, ya'll know I like to have a good time. When I'm in the zone, I start swiping the credit card left and right. I am the king of "put it on my tab."

But...when I emerged from my drunken coma this morning, I was like: How in the hell does two people consume $90 worth of beer and wings?



jqs. said...

See, but this reminds me of the time we were watching the hockey playoffs in Denver and were having too much fun drinking beer and saying "WaaaAAAA!" to care about the tab.

People get carried away. Good thing you weren't watching "South Park" or "Friday" with your boys or you mighta had a Jay-Z-sized tab.

Drew said...

Yeah, I think I was too broke in Denver to run up a big-ass tab. Hell, look at how long I drove around on a spare.