Sunday, November 13, 2005

White Power!

These two heffas are a trip. Check out the image on the t-shirts: a grinning-ass Adolf Hitler. Great. Just what we need: two smiling, grinning teenage racists.
They're young singers who happen to sing about...race. Specifically, the White Race. And how great it is. Better than all the others. They call themsleves "Prussian Blue."
They've been all over the news the last few weeks, and 20/20 did a piece on them.
Here's my thing: Why? Or, as my girl jhill and I used to say all the time, "What's all 'dat fo?" But what's scary isn't necessarily the fact that they're racist. What's scary is that, clearly, they've been taught all that garbage by someone.
First of all, they were home-schooled. Which yet again reinforces my objection to home schooling: the kids may learn quite a bit and get intentive instruction, but they don't get any socialization with other kids.
Hence, we get two blank-faced, racist teenagers who are clueless about anything that goes on outside their little universe.


M-Dubb said...

It's like an ulcer waiting to explode. They've been trained to spew hate in the direction of many that don't look like them. Times that should've been over years and years ago could become "now" again. And many of us are doing nothing to avoid it...

J said...

i'll whip deez ho's ass.

i WISH they WOULD run up to me singin', talking about White Is Right. I'mma be like...weeeeelll, getting you mouf' blew out is right, too!

exhibit A why i believe in whipping kids ASS.

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