Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Lawn Jockeys, Jesses rant, being thankful

Baton Rouge, LA - 1) I can see a lawn jockey from my hotel room. A real, live lawn jockey. My room faces the back of the hotel, and there is a neibhorhod right behind the hotel. The people in the house right behind me have a real, live, full-sized LAWN JOCKEY sittin in their front yard. Smiling. And grinning. And it's a dark-skinned lawn jockey with bright white teeth. I can see his teeth from 500 feet away. Trifling.

2) Even more triflin: I saw a guy cutting their grass today, and he was a brotha. Now, he may have been just the hired help or whatever, but still. Didn't he see that damn lawn jockey? This fool was riding around it, too, all ho-hum like. Like it wasn't even there.

3) I agree with what Jesse Jackson told me yesterday: the familes shouldn't be taken out of Louisania. Yeah, it's nice that other states are helping out and all that, but, as he put it, separating the familes do more harm that good. Look, for example, of all the cases where little kids were found in NEw Orleans, but their parents had already been taken to Houston or Dallas. And, as Jesse put it, taking these people away from LA takes them away from helping rebuild their own cities.

4) Know what's a trip about all this Katrina stuff? That every victim that I've met so far has been totally nice, and overall happy. These people have amazing spirits. Think about that the next time something frivilous pisses you off.


Anonymous said...

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*Madosi said...

AMEN ... they have no right to complain about a damn thang!

KLC said...

I agree, Drew. And I'm MAD AS HELL about that damn lawn jockey!! You shoud have thrown a rock at that mug!