Tuesday, August 02, 2005

No waiting on line Black

Are black cashiers and service workers just inherently evil, or are they trained that way? Why does it seem like they're evil just to black customers? I am sick of dealing with the angry, stank, evil black service worker.

Look, I consider myself a real brotha. And I always try and help my people out. But it seems like lately I've been dealing with stank black service workers left and right.

First, I had to deal with Bomquisha at Randalls who got an attitude when I dared buy some groceries. Even though Randalls is a grocery store, an upscale one at that, Bomquisha was highly pissed that I bothered to get into her line to buy my three oranges, some ice cream, some bottled water and a bag of Funyions.

When I got in her line she looked at me like I stole something.

How dare I?

Then, I had to deal with DeVonte. I was out to dinner with some co-workers recently, and Devonte's suddenly friendly smile disappeared when my face made it to the front of his line. This fool was doing all he could NOT to take my order. He looked up at the ceiling, he looked around me, he even asked the guy behind me if someone had taken his order yet. The other cashier already had. Clearly, this fool wanted to do anything but wait on me. I was a little frustrated when all I wanted was a couple of $1.99 fish tacos and a margareta, and instead got thrust into an episode of The Black And The Restless.

Then, I had to deal with NABJ.

Man. N-A-B-J. Should be short for t-r-i-f-l-i-n-g. I don't even know what to say. All I did was call the national office and check up on my membership application and my convention registration. After all, I'd paid for both weeks ago, and they'd already charged $400 to my credit cards, and I have yet to see piece of paper the first. I wanted to know what was up.

So I called NABJ and told them what I was looking for. Then I say, "I just want to check on my membership and convention registration."

A long pause.

Then I hear a big-ass SIGH, like somebody told her her lights were about to be cut off.

Yall know the kind of sigh I'm talking about. One of those "you want me to WORK?" sighs.

Getting even deeper with all of this, why does it seem like black service workers only act like that towards other blacks? As I said, I've been in lines, I've been waited on in restaurants, and I've seen white customers get the Royal Treament, but when the service person turns to me, I get treated with disgust.

And I'm a friendly person. I used to be a waiter, and I used to get hyped when some black folks were sat in my section by the host or hostess.

Every now and then I'll run across a cool service worker, a person who is just so laid back they really couldn't care less. Like the black cashier at this one grocery store in Houston who procalimed, loudly, that she "didn't give a damn and didn't need that damn job."

But for the most part, all I get is attitude. Am I missing something here? Does anyone else get the same vibes from black service workers?

I know the service industry is hard and stressful, but, damn, can't a brother get a smile every now and then?

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*Madosi said...

Now that is truly a ghetto philosophy ... and funny!

Let me think. Have I had to deal with stank service workers?

To be honest, when I was in high school I was one of those service workers. But I think it was more because I hated the jobs I had. Sometimes I just wished people would stop coming into the places I worked.

Did not matter if you were black, white, otherwise!

I hear people talk about NABJ all the time, but to be honest I have never gotten that treatment from them. But then again I am so sociable and loving how could they treat me in that fashion?

Now that I think of it ... I did have one experience with this girl at a restaurant here a few years back. It was my birthday and a big group of us.

I think she was upset cause of the number in our dinner party and was really ugly towards us a few times.

My best friend, who is from Long Island, acted a fool when we got the check and gratuity was included.

It was so bad they called the police and threatened to lock us all up!

In the end the gratuity was removed and we were given a few meals free!

Funny now, but then it was not too funny to me!

(Wow, this has turned into a long response huh?)

Anyway, I do not get it! You would think they would get another job or be fired for their stank attitudes. But you walk in and they are still there!