Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Katrina, Part 3: The hotel has no windows

Most of New Orleans is now underwater.
The airport is underwater.
Downtown is underwater.
Most of the neibhorhoods are underwater.

So why is it, when I called Priceline to get a refund on my hotel reservation, the clown was like, "Why do you need a refund sir?"


Me: "Because the city is underwater."

He puts me on hold.
He comes back.

Priceline fool: "Sir, but I don't think the Hyatt sustained a lot of damage. We're not sure if we can give you a refund."

Me: "Look, I just saw the Hyatt on tv. IT HAS NO WINDOWS. How the hell they gon be open if there are no windows on the damn building?"

Priceline fool: "Please hold, sir."

Priceline fool keeps me on hold for like 6 minutes, then comes back and says, yes, I can have a refund. Clown.

Continental was a little more simple to deal with. I'd planned on going to a football game in Michigan in early Oct, but hadn't booked my flight yet, so I just applied my New Orleans ticket
towards that.

Why are service workers so useless and triflin?


ollie said...

you could always go to Mexico this weekend...

*Madosi said...

ha ha ha, you just always seem to have issues with the priceline people huh?

you need to just stop calling them ... its always something!